Reading Group

Theory of practice, practice of theory.
Open reading-together sessions.

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Reading Group (Grupa Samoczytająca) was initiated in 2015 and lasted till 2017 as a regular, open, common practice of reading out loud philosophical, critical and theoretical texts from the realm of the arts. We organised our thoughts around performance, sketching the reference points and inscribing it in the discourses of philosophy and contemporary art critique.

The premise of this practice was to create space, in which one can wander unhampered, connote, exchange observations and search for meanings. The topics were negotiated between participants, together we decided on the direction of the reflection.

Concept: Gaja Karolczak (Sense of Movement)

The event is still reactivated now and then, but the format of meeting later evolved into workshop on Micropolitics and Affects, and then to the cycle on Lines of Flight (2018).

We’ve been invited to lead a reading group within:

Stary Browar Nowy Taniec na Malta festival

Otwarte Triennale/Open Triennalle

Artoteka – Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej w Opolu

Contact us:
fb (Sens Ruchu).

Hitherto we’ve read among others (most texts are in English):

Isabelle Stengers interviewed by Erik Bordeleau
The Care of the Possible
“Scapegoat Architecture/Landscape/Political Economy” Issue 01, 2011

Irit Rogoff & Florian Schneider
Productive Anticipation
in: David Held and Henrietta Moore, eds. Cultural transformations/Cultural politics in a global age: uncertainty, solidarity and globalisation. Oxford: Oneworld Publications

Alfred North Whitehead
Proces i realność. Szkic kosmologiczny rozdz. X  („Sofia. Pismo filozofów krajów słowiańskich”, nr 5, 2005)

Peter Galison in conversation with Etienne Turpin
On Building Crashing and Thinking of Technologies & Selfhood  {:]  Art in the Antropocene. Enounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environments and Epistemologies (red. Davis, Turpin 2015)

Jaques Ranciere
The Paradoxes of the Political art (Dissensus. On Politics and Aesthetics 2010)
From the conference: Dance, Politics & Co-Immunity
red. Gerald Siegmund & Stefan Hoelscher (Zürich-Berlin 2013)

Brian Massumi, Erin Manning
Coming Alive in a World of Texture For Neurodiversity

André Lepecki
From Partaking to Initiating: Leading following as Dance’s (a-personal) Political Singularity
From the book: DANCE
red. Lepecki 2012

Giorgio Agamben

Mark Franko
Dance and the Political: States of Exception (fragment)

Irit Rogoff
From Criticism to Critique to Criticality (What is a Theorist? 2003)

Julia Kristeva
Something to be scared of ([w:] Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection)