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OSMOSIS:: Poznań  –Kórnik — Berlin 2015 is a second edition of a  laboratory focused on relation of the sound and physical movement, exchange between Berlin and Poznań based artists, culminating with three public performances in September 2015.

The lab is intended for both musicians and dancers to experiment and question the physicality of sound, the sonic dimension of movement, the role of energetic waves in both mediums, and how these aspects influence each other within the compositional process.

The project engages in a dialogue between performance oriented research and experientially focused exploration. The concluding performances contextualize the laboratory within the physical and public spaces of Poznan, and bring our attention to the circumstantial nature of artistic creation.

This project echoes a previous project Friv Move led by Marta Romaszkan and Patryk Lichota in the Zamek Cultural Center of Poznan 2013/2014 (http://www.zamek.poznan.pl/sub,en,366,friv-move-castle.html). As in Friv Move, the present project focuses on the encounter between musicians and dancers, but also aims to expand this encounter by including researchers based in Berlin as well as Poznan, thereby facilitating new collaborations among the experimental artists’ community and supporting the cultural exchange between the two neighboring cities.


The lab will be divided into two parts, the first half, the mornings, will be lead by the dancer and musician Manon Parent. She will propose a common physical practice worked out in order to bring each individual into a specific state of awareness and availability to sensations. This will be an opportunity to feel, see, hear, in depth.

The second half will be dedicated to experimentations somehow more « in-situ », where artists can try out ideas, collaborate with each other and reflect on different questions on the subject of composition and/or elaboration of improvisational structures, such as : how do the use of these two mediums informs structural choices, and how can they support each other ?

We believe that the morning practice and its experiential dimension will open new perspectives in each artist’s way to create work.

The awareness of the body established through the morning practice includes an awareness of the physical environment; the space acts on the body. The exploration of improvisational and compositional methods and structures of the afternoon involves a conscious engagement with the place; the body acts on the space. Consequently, the laboratory and the culminating performances are implicitly site-specific, the result of a fundamentally circumstantial research.

Performances will be presented in Centrum Kultury Zamek (Poznań),  Arboretum (Kórnik near Poznań) and Berlin.

Project will be realised with financial support of Marchal Office of The Wielkopolska Region in Poznań.